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Hey friend,

I’ve read some interesting facts that may interest you too, these are only real facts, I was so surprised, you can read them here view message

See you around, Circolo Letture Corsare

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Subject: We know. We all know.

You really don’t know anything about gang culture. The father even stated in the video of why he was hitting him. Specially the part, “You jumped him in well consider this me jumping him out.”

To be joined into a gang you literally have to do some fucked up shit. It obviously depends on the gang, but the majority involve “jumping in” which is a group of guys (3-10) completely beating the fuck out of the member for a set amount of time. (like 1 minute.) Additionally more intense gangs will also require you to go rob someone even to go kill someone. It just depends on the gang.

To leave a gang, it’s similar thing, you’re going to get your ass beat by 3-10 guys for a set amount of time. Some gangs also have the “You’re in for life.” Aka you get killed if you want to leave.

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