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Roberto Rinaldi

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Three years ago I had a god awful break up with a girl, the type of break up where everything about you shatters into pieces. I was drunk and angry all the time and I was not very pleasant to be around.

I remember one day I woke up hungover to check reddit and I saw that I had gotten a bunch of private messages. Apparently I had posted about how shitty I was feeling in an askreddit thread. The thread didn’t blow up or anything, it got maybe two dozen replies, but a handful of people had seen my post and sent me private messages expressing their support for me in my time of need.

Some complete strangers took the time out of their day to wish another complete stranger well. The fact that a few actual living breathing people cared enough to send me some love gave me renewed strength.

I didn’t magically become ok, I had a few more years to go before becoming better, but that moment was the single moment I can point to as when I began to heal.

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Siamo il Circolo Letture Corsare e non abbiamo scopi di lucro. Siamo un gruppo di scrittori appassionati di lettura, dai racconti alle poesie, dai romanzi alla narrativa di genere, e organizziamo presentazioni di libri in Borgaro e Caselle (TORINO) se interessati contattateci! Per info o collaborare con noi scrivici una mail: letturecorsare@libero.it


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