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Just doing a couple of seconds of Googling, it looks like there are two ways to do it – either by the regional centre method or actually doing a business in a traditional manner, although it has to be in a designated area.

The regional centre method just strikes me as a flat-out bribe to the government, saying “Here’s $1M, I don’t care what you do with it, just give me the visa.” I think for a lot of EB-5 applicants though, that’s almost exactly what they want, so the system would work. With the business method, I guess you’d try to look for a depressed area near civilisation, so you wouldn’t be stuck in some remote dive. Upstate New York, somewhere in the Appalachians, or rural Texas within driving distance of Austin would be good.

Out of idle curiosity, why the US? Considering your situation, the worldwide taxation alone would put me off. Suddenly, all the profits from offshore companies that were previously in taxation limbo come under the jurisdiction of the IRS.

Also, the American system seems cruel and designed to screw people over. If you’re self-funded, it’s less of an issue, but at every turn it’s like some company or organisation is trying to get out of doing what they should. I prefer Canada, but the winters are just horrific. That said, Canada is a bit of an ‘America lite’ in too many ways for me. I’m an Australian living in Germany, and the stand-out immigration destination for me would be Switzerland, then maybe Norway or Denmark. They all have decent levels of English speakers, easy access to the rest of the world, and governments that work. Of course, all of them come with high taxation, but Switzerland (for the next five minutes at least) has mitigation systems for wealthy foreigners.

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