yay what a pleasurable surprise



I just wished to inform you of a very special wonder my friends made me, please take a look continue reading

See you soon, Roberto Rinaldi

From: wejo919xecu [mailto:]
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 6:44 AM
To: roberto.rinaldi-to@libero.it
Subject: last patch of…oh wait

I’ m a very calm person when it comes to arguments or any other situations where any sane person would flip their shit. There is only one person who gets me insane, and that is my stepdad. He’s that parent that blames you for everything and says you’ll be shit when you move out. I find it hilarious because he’s a hypocrite, meaning he usually makes arguments due to his own actions, like me not cleaning up after his shit. At one point I got so mad, I actually degraded him to the point where he didn’t speak to me for a whole week. Those were the pleasant days. I might sound like a prick from all of this, but believe me I tried millions of times to figure out solutions with him but he’s a no brainer when it comes to negotiations.

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Informazioni su circololetturecorsare

Siamo il Circolo Letture Corsare e non abbiamo scopi di lucro. Siamo un gruppo di scrittori appassionati di lettura, dai racconti alle poesie, dai romanzi alla narrativa di genere, e organizziamo presentazioni di libri in Borgaro e Caselle (TORINO) se interessati contattateci! Per info o collaborare con noi scrivici una mail: letturecorsare@libero.it


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